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This is very weird! Freddy's face is closer to Bready! Bonnie has a huge nose! Chica's face is large. ANd Foxy is... wow FWERYRP{DDY BW...

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I'm a big fan of the Pokemon series, like a lot of people. I narrowed down to the classic Pokemon episodes though, because I think the rest Game Freak had spawned was rat-crap. Each to their own.

I was browsing E-bay the other day. I wondered if there would be any items about my favourite character from the games, Giratina
. Indeed, what I found was a plushie that was manufactured in the Pokemon Center of Japan, which closed down due to the lack of visitors in 2009. Those Giratina plushies were very rare, but I didn't have the money to buy it and my parents would despise me for it. I examined the plushie for a while as the article came with pictures. This Giratina even had the Griseous orb. On it, was written with a permanent marker "GOD". I don't really know what it meant. Probably the initials of the child owning it before they sold it.
with the price of 
I clicked the back button to return to the "Reshiram Giratina" search, knowing I wouldn't win the auction anyway, only to find another article had appeared. "POKEMON ALL EPISODES" with the price of £0.60 on instant buy. Pokemon Gotta catch em all! were never released where I came from. (Bummer..) So, as happy as I was, I wanted to re-watch the show and checked out the article. It had no describtion and no adress where it came from. Germany, Canada, etc... It was missing and the shipping price was stated to be free. I looked up at the photo of the article. It was a blank CD. I've decided to buy it anyway. Not just for the nostalgia, but the writing was great and I loved Mewtwo in this series.

Well... It all started when the mail arrived. It arrived the next morning... oddly, it was sunday... I was happy to recieve the episodes and immediately put the blank CD into my laptop, starting the DVD. Sadly, the DVD didn't start, but it offered me to show the files, so I opened the folder and saw a giratina.exe application. I was confused at it being a EXE, but I started it anyway and indeed, it was playing a Gotta catch em all! episode. The episode "Reshiram and Giratina lost in time" began. The episode started out all normal, along with the intro. No blood or anything... But the sad thing was that my computer blue-screened when the Signature moves were used. The computer rebooted and I took out the CD as I thought it malfunctioned and threw it away. I could've asked the person to give me my money back, but he can keep the pennies I gave him. I mean...  They're just pennies.

I continued to normally browse the internet, speak to friends on Facebook and all. Nothing was wrong until, when I was watching a random youtube video, my cursor (The white arrow, in case you don't know.) started to completely spazz out. I disconnected my mouse, but the cursor continued to thrash around the screen. I even deactivated my touchpad and it continued. Suddenly, it came to a stop and I carried on, ignoring what had happened. Soon, I found myself downloading a ROM for Pokemon Black. Fun game. As soon as it had downloaded I started up my emulator and begun the game in windowed mode, but, oddly, the complete screen went black. I shrugged it off and waited for the game to start.

The familar "Game Freak Logo sound" jingle didn't sound. Well, it did, but it was slowed down so much it sounded demonic and it gave me a cringe. The background remained black and Reshiram was nowhere to be seen. It faded to black and some text appeared. I first thought it was a red font, but it looked like it was scratched into my computer screen. "Excited for round two?" I blinked and flinched as the main screen came on. the tiles were dark grey and they were at just the top of the screen. The logo looked partially rusted. I was amazed at the pixely detail, but it also scared me. "Developed by GAME FREAK inc." was now replaced with "Developed by Reshiram itself" The familar music wasn't played either. It was just a mess of sounds, the demonic "Game Freak Logo sound" occasionally mixed in. Instead of Reshiram showing up, two characters appeared next to the logo - Zekrom and Beshiram. The sight of them terrified even more. Zekrom's eyes were black and they were bleeding... its scales had become a Orange/Yellow as well and it  had an expression of anguish on its face. Beshiram looked far worse. His red fur had darkened to a reddish gray, his dreadlocks were dripping with blood and his eyes were black and bleeding like Zekrom's and he had a look of sadness on his face.


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