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This is very weird! Freddy's face is closer to Bready! Bonnie has a huge nose! Chica's face is large. ANd Foxy is... wow FWERYRP{DDY BW...

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Bad Drawings: Hate (Creepypasta OC) by Scrambler333 Bad Drawings: Hate (Creepypasta OC) :iconscrambler333:Scrambler333 1 2 My favourite Pokemon of Each Type by Scrambler333 My favourite Pokemon of Each Type :iconscrambler333:Scrambler333 3 0 Bad Drawings: Nucletal REDESIGN by Scrambler333 Bad Drawings: Nucletal REDESIGN :iconscrambler333:Scrambler333 0 0 Bad Drawings: My OC, Drucifer, the Dragon Emperor by Scrambler333 Bad Drawings: My OC, Drucifer, the Dragon Emperor :iconscrambler333:Scrambler333 0 0 Bad Drawings: THe Logo by Scrambler333 Bad Drawings: THe Logo :iconscrambler333:Scrambler333 2 0 FNAF World Quad Endo by Scrambler333 FNAF World Quad Endo :iconscrambler333:Scrambler333 4 3 Undertale Character Meme by Scrambler333 Undertale Character Meme :iconscrambler333:Scrambler333 2 1 Nucletal by Scrambler333 Nucletal :iconscrambler333:Scrambler333 0 3 The Dragon King by Scrambler333 The Dragon King :iconscrambler333:Scrambler333 0 0 Primal Volcanion by Scrambler333 Primal Volcanion :iconscrambler333:Scrambler333 2 1 Reshzooki The Dragon King by Scrambler333 Reshzooki The Dragon King :iconscrambler333:Scrambler333 0 0 October 2014 Background by Scrambler333 October 2014 Background :iconscrambler333:Scrambler333 1 1 Dragon HQ (Mine) by Scrambler333 Dragon HQ (Mine) :iconscrambler333:Scrambler333 0 1 GMK 2 by Scrambler333 GMK 2 :iconscrambler333:Scrambler333 0 0 Pokemon Eruptos Adventure in Hoenn by Scrambler333 Pokemon Eruptos Adventure in Hoenn :iconscrambler333:Scrambler333 2 1 Unova's Hero, Legend by Scrambler333 Unova's Hero, Legend :iconscrambler333:Scrambler333 1 0


Male Version:Torihayate and Kodachinotsukai by MagicalSpiralShade Male Version:Torihayate and Kodachinotsukai :iconmagicalspiralshade:MagicalSpiralShade 3 0 An Ordinary Battle Amongst Familiar Hills by Hazard-the-Porgoyle An Ordinary Battle Amongst Familiar Hills :iconhazard-the-porgoyle:Hazard-the-Porgoyle 1,439 1,222 Sort of a DogeBowser Pose Final by IcePony64 Sort of a DogeBowser Pose Final :iconicepony64:IcePony64 30 17 Litten's Evolutionary Family by Tails19950 Litten's Evolutionary Family :icontails19950:Tails19950 394 64 Celesteela by Vaporeon249 Celesteela :iconvaporeon249:Vaporeon249 369 103 Salazzle by Irete Salazzle :iconirete:Irete 193 24 Hakuna Ma AT-AT by PixelKitties Hakuna Ma AT-AT :iconpixelkitties:PixelKitties 1,080 107 it's your dunkle snas [gif] by Fel-Fisk it's your dunkle snas [gif] :iconfel-fisk:Fel-Fisk 3,049 655 Bowser Mass Attack by MasaBowser Bowser Mass Attack :iconmasabowser:MasaBowser 3,486 313 Unwithered Bonnie V3 by DaHooplerzMan Unwithered Bonnie V3 :icondahooplerzman:DaHooplerzMan 25 4 You think you can defeat me, Sylveon? by H1R0H1T0 You think you can defeat me, Sylveon? :iconh1r0h1t0:H1R0H1T0 553 263 FNAF SFM: Nightmare by AndyDatRaginPyro FNAF SFM: Nightmare :iconandydatraginpyro:AndyDatRaginPyro 41 20 Nightmare Tangle by Trapspring Nightmare Tangle :icontrapspring:Trapspring 13 3 Fredbear and Friends 1983 by WitheredFreddy1993 Fredbear and Friends 1983 :iconwitheredfreddy1993:WitheredFreddy1993 138 27 Man and Dog by DaHooplerzMan Man and Dog :icondahooplerzman:DaHooplerzMan 163 63



Bad Drawings: Hate (Creepypasta OC)
Happy Halloween, i guess...but, since its Halloween, I decided to celebrate it with another abomination of mine. This is a fanmade Creepypasta OC of mine called Hate, the antagonist of a story I had in mind called "Pokemon: Hatred Black". I will add a quote for the story I had in mind "This thing looked like Reshiram, but most of the parts were cut off, some of them showing blood coming out. Its feet and Claws were crimson red and the tip of its tail had blood dripping from it. Its eye was black, with the iris being dark red. It had extremely sharp teeth with blood on each tip."
My favourite Pokemon of Each Type
I've decided to take a break from Bad Drawings and create a list of my Favourite PokemonSuper Mario Odyssey - Bowser Icon  (MOST OF THEM ARE LEGENDARIES)
Grass: Kartana (Samurai Origami is very strange indeed)
Fire: Reshiram (My top favourite)
Water: Palkia
Normal: Arceus (A.K.A. God)
Electric: Zekrom
Psychic: Necrozma (HYPE FOR USUM)
Fighting: Kommo-o
Rock: Tyrantrum
Ground: Groudon
Flying: Rayquaza
Bug: Genesect
Poison: Salazzle
Dark: Guzzlord
Ghost: Giratina (Gen 4 favourite)
Ice: Kyurem
Steel: Dialga
Dragon: Zygarde
Fairy: Tapu Bulu (MOOOOO)
Want to make your own? Go here:…
Bad Drawings: Nucletal REDESIGN
This is a redesign for one of my Fakemon Nucletal, since the original was Shittiness at its finest.
Type: Steel typePoison type 
Height: 8"37
Weight: 1"26
Legendary? Yes (Minor)
Pokedex: Nucletal's Origin is completely unknown, No one knows what or where it comes from. The place it lives in is said to be a Power Plant that is forgotten
This Pokemon is hazardous to touch because its entire body is made of Nuclear Waste. The yellow parts around it are the leftovers from the Radioactive barrel it burst out of
Bad Drawings: My OC, Drucifer, the Dragon Emperor
Here is one of my first Abominable drawings, this here is Drucifer, Emperor of Dragons. His personality is that of a cocky, serious emperor who constantly causes wars between his kind, the Dragons and the Foxes. Sadly, never a single peace treaty was writtenShrug 
I will be making a series called "Bad Drawings" Where I draw stuff, but it is really poorly drawn. If you wanna have a laugh at it Make sure you tend to it


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Don't try to defy me, the emperor of Dragons, My drawings are really horrible



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